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in one powerful chat and AI organizes everything for you. Designed for speed.

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Get organized without organizing

Qweek seamlessly organizes your online and offline life without slowing you down.

Platform Independent

Save information across any platform, medium, apps, or websites with a single click.

Activate Agents on Your Notes

Replace manual work with our powerful agents like @reminder, @calendar, @browse, @search, and much more.

Self-organizing Workspace

Everything you dump into the message box becomes automatically tagged, sorted, and categorized.

⁠Natural Language Search

Talk to Qweek like you’d ask a friend, “Do you have Natasha’s number?”

Multimedia Enabled

⁠Save anything you see, hear, or think using text, audio, image, etc.

Get Flashbacks

Focus-based reminders show all relevant previous saved items

Tame the information chaos. Unleash your potential

Stop the "I knew I wrote that down somewhere!" moments with Qweek’s one-click share.

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“Qweek truly understands the pain of losing information and the hassle of organizing. Now there’s a truly frictionless app that lets you capture ideas, notes, insights, etc., across all devices, websites, and apps. The @reminder agent is a game changer for me that I can use to drop anything to get reminded of later on. I’ve been using the @reminder to remember every small task that I would’ve otherwise forgotten amongst my busy schedule. “
Darya Finger
CEO & Co-Founder @Rubriked

Give your brain a break?

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